Equipment Borrowing Policy

GLAC Borrowing Club Equipment Procedures (revised December 2018)

These procedures are intended to give all members the maximum opportunity to use Club equipment and to minimize the time and effort required by the Equipment Manager to maintain and disperse the equipment.

  1. Only Members can borrow Club equipment. Members must have a signed Waiver and Release of Liability on file with the Club in order to borrow Club equipment.
  2. The Borrowing Member is to arrange a mutually agreeable pick up time, with the Equipment Manager, a week in advance of the trip.
  3. The Borrowing Member is to return the equipment to the Equipment Manager by the Wednesday after the trip unless stated otherwise by the Equipment Manager.
  4. The Borrower must communicate (via phone or email) to arrange a mutually agreeable drop off time (prior to the Wednesday after the trip) with the Equipment Manager. Impromptu drop offs are acceptable, ONLY IF the Equipment Manager is home to receive the Item. A drop off without the Equipment Manager home is acceptable ONLY IF explicitly authorized by the Equipment Manager.
  5. Equipment is to be returned clean, dry and in working order, along with any instructions and carrying containers which accompanied the equipment. The Borrower is to notify the Equipment Manager of any equipment failure or use of consumables (i.e First Aid Kit, etc.)
  6. If a Member violates the above procedures, borrowing privileges may be revoked upon notice from the Chair and the Equipment Manager.

The club or its officers acknowledge no responsibility for the proper or safe use of any of the club’s equipment.  Nor does the club or its officers acknowledge any responsibility for establishing or assuring the integrity, condition, or fitness for use of this equipment. – GLAC ByLaws Article 2 Section 3.